Career and Studies – both is possible at WOM.

Opportunities for College Students

The most important Things at a Glance

Theory is good but practical implementation is crucial when working. WOM helps you to gain insight into the field of medical technology as early as possible "on the job" while still studying. An internship or thesis gives you the opportunity to get your foot in the door. As a working student or through a dual course of study, you are already laying the foundation of your career. Learn more about your opportunities with WOM.

Get a Taste of a real Work Life – as a Working Student at WOM

You do not have to wait until your graduation to finally start your professional life. Come to WOM as a working student and develop exciting medical projects in Berlin or Ludwigsstadt – training on the job, so to speak. A series of professional career fields and company departments in research & development, global marketing and quality management provide you with the best perspectives for your future. Professional success is after all not a science. Apply now!

A Profession instead of Casual Work

Gain practical experience in one of the currently most exciting and fastest growing industries – medical technology. Build your career on an industry with a bright future. As a working student, you also have the opportunity to define your professional goals in more detail during your course of studies and distinguish yourself as a future skilled employee prior to the completion of your studies. Above all, you will meet an extraordinary team that greatly values respect and recognition of good performance. In addition, it would be great to find new enthusiasts for the football team and the running club.

Part Time or Full Time

We offer a flexible work life, just as you like or need it. For example, you may work 20 hours per week during the semester on a part-time basis. Alternatively, we can employ you full time over the semester break for several weeks or months. You also select the starting date as it fits with your studies or semester planning. Simply discuss details with your contact in the HR Department.

Welcome to the Team

Early entry into practice has other advantages as well. WOM is a growing company in an exciting industry and is active on a global scale. With us, you have the chance to make professional contacts for the future beyond the walls of your university. Pave the path to a career in medical technology – establish the cornerstone of your very own, maybe even international, network.

The following Areas are open to you as a Working Student

  • Research & Development
    • Software Development
    • Accessory Development
    • Design
    • Technical Writing
  • Quality Management
    • Quality Assurance
  • Marketing
    • Graphic Design
    • Internet/Intranet
    • Communication

Take advantage of a work studies program – broaden your theoretical and practical horizon and apply your knowledge of economics or technology with us in a practical manner. Alternatively, we also offer student internships and the possibility of a guided thesis. Do you have questions? Then your direct contact is ready to help you. See our vacancies for available opportunities. We look forward to receiving your resumé or application!

Your perfect Topic: Internship or Thesis at WOM

Deepen your knowledge and apply it in detail within the field of medical technology at WOM, a world market leader in minimally invasive medicine. An internship at WOM can deepen your knowledge through our support for your thesis – and open up exciting prospects for direct employment with us. We support you with our entire know-how from 40 years of experience, with a dedicated team and many creative ideas.

Comes in Handy: Immersion at WOM

What is your path to a successful future? We offer a whole range of possibilities for your pre-studies placement or basic or mandatory internship. Join us with your knowledge in the following majors and areas of study:

  • Medical Technology
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Business Administration
  • Communication Science

We have a wide selection of job opportunities waiting for you. Browse our job openings and see for yourself or speak with your contact from the HR team.

Big Final: Your Graduation

Use your bachelor's or master's thesis to secure a head start for yourself with a practice-relevant subject. Develop solutions with us for minimally invasive medicine and conduct research for your own subject. This requires you to work closely with our experienced colleagues at WOM, who always have some great tips for you and take care of you professionally and personally. Take advantage of our offer – perhaps as a stepping stone.

The Team at your Side

Join a competent team. Our approximately 400 employees from more than 20 nations enjoy having new motivated colleagues. Our sites in Berlin, Ludwigsstadt, Reichenbach, Orlando and Hong Kong are characterized by a very special team spirit. Fairness, mutual respect and reliability are our values. As a globally active company, a relaxed and creative atmosphere in our daily dealings with one another is important to us. We provide special opportunities for working students and trainees in the international environment. Get to know us!

A degree is always a good place to start. And so is an internship for real insights into the fascinating field of medical technology. Our job portal provides information on job vacancies. A look at our tips concerning resumés or applications might be worth it as well. If you have any more questions, WOM, your partner, is here for you. No matter what, we are looking forward to finding out more about you and your ideas and future plans. 

Worth twice as much: Dual Studies at WOM

You want to study but feel practical work experience is important too? Then a dual study program at WOM is the right choice for you! Combine theoretical input with real implementation, work independently, and learn what true team spirit is like as a full member of a dedicated and energized team. As a future student, you will alternate practical experience with college studies – and benefit from a fixed compensation from the first day. Practical, is it not?

Business Administration or Medical Technology

With a dual course of studies, you learn the entire time but actually spend only half your time at the university. Always alternating, you use fixed times at a selected college to earn a bachelor's in business administration (BA) or medical technology while working for us with flexible hours. This offers you not only the right mix of theory and practice, but links your academic education with a job in one of the world's leading medical technology companies.

A Paycheck from Day One

Another advantage: From the outset, you earn your own money. You will be paid for learning, so to speak! It does not matter if you are currently in a theoretical or practical training phase. We support you from the outset and purposefully support talented students. From the beginning, you are a full member of the team at WOM and will work across multiple locations as well. Whether Berlin, Reichenbach or Ludwigsstadt or perhaps even Orlando or Hong Kong – you can implement independently what you have learned in theory and always have a competent partner at your side. After graduation, the very best career opportunities are available to you with us.

Strong College Partner

WOM works closely with some excellent colleges and universities. We cooperate in the fields of business administration and medicine technology. As undergraduate students in Berlin, you are enrolled in three and a half years at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. The medical technicians among you study three years at the Beuth University of Applied Science. At the Duale Hochschule Gera-Eisenach (DHGE)  – University of Cooperative Education – your normal time for a BA is only three years. You will find optimum learning conditions with lectures in small groups and direct contact with the teaching staff at all of these universities.

With the dual studies program, you benefit from both hands-on work in your field and earn a degree. Lay the foundation for your career in health care and still remain flexible. We look forward to receiving your online resumé or application and getting to know you. Your contact will be happy to tell you more about the details and the universities.

Making a good Impression: Tips for Job Applications

A good application opens the door to your dream job. It is a bit like a business card: It leaves behind an important first impression. The more convincing it is, the better. For some, it is not so easy to summarize everything important about themselves. We have compiled the most important tips to make this task easier.

Important Questions for Students

Before you get started

Companies are interested in you. This requires knowing your qualifications first. So take your time preparing your application and do not sent it until you are completely satisfied with the way it looks. Ask yourself the question: "Would I employ this person if I were the head of HR?" Therefore, show us why you should work with us.

What does the optimal Application look like?

Your application should include a cover letter, a CV/resumé, a current transcript, work and school reports as well as your college or university enrollment or matriculation certificate. For an internship, apply at least three months in advance, add also the appropriate internship policy of your college. We will send you a receipt acknowledgment and tell you as soon as possible whether you have reached the next round.

Now you have our tips for an appealing application. We firmly keep our fingers crossed and wish you much success!

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