Trends in Minimally Invasive Medicine

WOM is Founder and Sponsor of an annually Symposium

Christian Dietz from TU Munich, Faculty for Microtechnology and Medical Device Technology
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To have a large medical network – that is one of the key strengths of WOM. It is no coincidence that our headquarters is in Berlin. The German capital has become an important location for health care. The unique networking of science, business, and clinic offers the best prerequisites for exchanging new products and ideas and propelling innovations forward.

Panel discussion with Prof. Dr. Marc Kraft, Stefan Georgy, Christian Dietz, Dr. Thorsten Jürgens, Prof. Dr. Torsten Jeinsch
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With the symposium "Trends in Minimally Invasive Medicine", we offer a successful forum for the exchange of knowledge and experiences. We conduct this symposium annually as the initiator and in close cooperation with Prof. Marc Kraft from the Department of Medical Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin, and Berlin Partner. Since 2015, topics such as 3D endoscopy systems, robotics in surgery, and the ease of use of surgical instruments have been explored. To this end, invited physicians, scientists, and development engineers present trends for the future, which are then discussed in plenary sessions.

The event, which always takes place in fall, has already established itself as a major institution in the Berlin-Brandenburg health region. In 2018, we once again hosted a symposium on the topic of "Digitization in the OR" and highlighted aspects such as process automation, robotics, and applications of augmented reality.

Best practice examples were used by the participants to demonstrate how digitization in hospitals and operating rooms must be responded to in the future in order to be able to offer hospital staff and patients new services and surgical methods.