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WOM provides pioneering medical technology to large customers, so that doctors in Minimally Invasive Medicine can work as safely and reliably as possible. We create the foundation so that surgical teams can treat their patients optimally with gentle surgical procedures and achieve excellent medical results. We offer service to our business partners right from the start, from joint research and development to certification and reliable production "made in Germany".

The World of Waves and Particles – Cameras & Photonics from WOM

Minimally invasive procedures have become the gold standard worldwide for many indications. Trocars are inserted into the body through small, up to one centimeter long incisions. The surgical teams insert an endoscope and special surgical instruments into the body through these trocars to diagnose and treat conditions.

LEDs for optimal Lighting Conditions

  • To make sure surgeons can work optimally without direct line of sight, good Camera images and light are needed
  • The optics team of WOM have developed special light sources primarily based on LED technology that are integrated into the Camera systems
  • Together, the Camera and light source ensure monitors have natural colors and optimum resolution

Playback in Medical-HD®

  • Our high-resolution 1-chip Cameras produce images of the body cavities using the Medical-HD® mode developed by WOM
  • In cooperation with clinics and doctors, we have developed special software for the Camera chip
  • This means the images are prepared for medical requirements, for example, to depict more red hues and make vessels easier to see. Images of high resolution can be saved on a separate SD card

Video Lenses for all Needs

  • There are numerous surgical procedures that can be carried out in the human body
  • Accordingly, WOM also develops the associated lenses. In addition to fixed focal lengths, we have special zooms for magnification of the surgical field
  • Universal connectors on the Camera make it possible to connect the best-suited lens system, including endoscopes, for all surgical procedures

Detection Probe and Laser Applications

  • Two products complement our optical range for Minimally Invasive Medicine
  • The Gamma Detection Probe helps in cancer therapy
  • Doctors can reliably detect sentinel lymph nodes by using a slightly radioactive contrast agent
  • This provides information about a possible metastasis
  • Previously, many incisions may have been required in the underarm area of a breast cancer patient to locate and remove all the nodes and today these procedures are reduced to a minimum
  • WOM completes this category with a laser used for the fragmentation of kidney and urethral stones

Space for safe Procedures – Insufflators & Pumps

In Minimally Invasive Medicine, good visibility and precise incisions are the nuts and bolts. However, both are only possible when there is enough space for the scope and medical instruments. Insufflators and Pumps are needed to dilate body cavities reliably with medical CO2 or fluid for stable internal surgical sites. WOM is the global leader and pioneer for Insufflators in the field of laparoscopy and for Pump systems in the field of gynecology.

Providing a working Space: Insufflators

  • During a surgical procedure in the abdominal cavity, such as the removal of the gallbladder, space must be created first. This is done through a hollow tube called a trocar, which is gently pushed through the abdominal wall and anchored in place so no CO2 is released
  • The sterile tubing of an Insufflator is connected to the trocar. Depending on the application, up to 50 liters of gas per minute (l/min.) can be supplied and up to 12 l/min. can be extracted
  • This innovative CO2 management makes it possible to keep surgical conditions in the abdomen very stable and the risks for the patient low at the same time. The pressure is high enough to provide adequate visibility and space in the body cavity, but also low enough so that no large quantities of CO2 reach the bloodstream (embolism)

Insufflation in Cardiac Surgery

  • Surgical teams also use our Insufflators in cardiac surgery for harvesting a vessel in cardiac surgical mode
  • Harvesting involves the surgeon gently removing a vessel from the patient's arm or leg that is later used for the heart bypass. Read more about this in the article about the instrument developed by WOM
  • In cardiac mode, the Insufflator creates an optimal CO2 environment in the opened chest cavity, for example, when replacing heart valves, to minimize ambient air reaching the vessels (risk of embolism)

Pressure Equalization through innovative Pump Systems

  • Our Pump systems also produce optimal pressure conditions for surgery in body cavities
  • Unlike Insufflators, the Pumps work with saline or dextrose solutions
  • Our devices are used for procedures in the uterus (hysteroscopy), joints (arthroscopy), and urethra, bladder, ureter, and kidney (endourology)
  • The Pump reliably builds pressure where needed and even maintains it when simultaneously irrigating or extracting fluid

Perfectly coordinated: Our original Accessories

The patient's health is the top priority in the surgical field. This is especially true for the use of sterile equipment. This includes all tube sets that are connected to Insufflators or Pumps and the patient. Filters at the patient output of the devices are critical to protect Insufflators against fluids and germs. Once contaminated, the devices can no longer be used with other patients. Our all-in-one tube systems together with the appropriate filters provide maximum safety.

Innovations from Practice for Practice

  • Together with doctors and professionals, we constantly improve our accessories
  • Tubing with an integrated heating element was developed to heat the medical CO2 as well as systems that deliver humidified gas to the patient – a marketable new feature especially in demand in the U.S.
  • These features are available in our latest generation of Insufflators
  • All tubing systems are developed by our specialist teams, manufactured in our own cleanroom, and carefully packaged
  • WOM produces both disposable tube sets, primarily for North America, as well as reusable versions for the European market

Filters to protect Humans and Technology

  • Pump systems by WOM are used in Minimally Invasive Surgery just as much as Insufflators to make surgical procedures possible by creating the proper pressure conditions in the body of the patient
  • The continuous and uninterrupted flow of gas or fluid through tubes is an important requirement
  • Our advanced filters ensure that any hazardous residue is efficiently contained
  • We play it extra safe with highly developed and sophisticated cleaning systems when extracting surgical smoke, for example, when cauterizing veins in the body

Original accessories from WOM – hospitals, surgeons, and patients can rely on us when it comes to safe accessories in Minimally Invasive Medicine.

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