Successfully transferring Knowledge – WOM ACADEMY

Worldwide Training for Customers and Employees.

The WOM ACADEMY brings our customers’ marketing managers, service technicians, as well as our employees up to date concerning the latest technology. With individual training sessions featuring tailor-made learning levels, we certify all participants directly and successfully. In addition to extensive learning materials and completion certificates, we also offer e-learning and in-house training.

Practical and effective – Product Training from WOM

WOM, as a leader in Minimally Invasive Medicine, has also committed itself to comprehensive knowledge transfer. This includes training courses for our product portfolio in all major application areas offered by the WOM ACADEMY. We carry out training for Cameras & Photonics and Insufflators & Pumps.

Use under real Conditions

As a participant in our WOM ACADEMY training sessions, you will learn about all of the features of our product innovations. In addition, our experienced team of trainers provides training on the safe and effective use of our devices. Thanks to real scenarios from hands-on training in the OR, you will get a comprehensive impression of the many application options. 

From Theory to Hands-on

As a marketing or product manager, you will receive special attention from us. Your success is also our success. This is why we provide you with comprehensive information. After a theoretical introduction to the basics, you will find out more about the design of the device. The program ADVANCED PLUS will take you directly into a real operating room. There, you can experience the particular device under real conditions.

Modular and certified

The following applies to all training and further education: We compile all of the important content of theory and practice according to your requirements and needs. The training you receive will be provided in modules and on different levels based on the learning path recommendation. Our services range from BASIC, with simple foundational knowledge, to ADVANCED PLUS, featuring the corresponding specialist knowledge. All training programs conclude with an examination and a certificate. You determine when and where to take your training. 

Do you need more information about our training? Send an e-mail with your question and a phone number to and we will gladly call you back.

Practical – our Technical Service Training

Safety comes first at WOM. Top-quality service is therefore a decisive factor for us, not only in production. Doctors and especially patients must be able to rely on our devices 100 percent, during surgery or every day use in a clinic or hospital. The certification of top-rated technicians is all the more important for the WOM ACADEMY lecturers.

Hands-on Training with WOM Devices

Our product innovations in the areas of Cameras & Photonics and Insufflators & Pumps must be properly maintained and repaired. You will learn, as a trainee, step by step, what is to be done in detail in each case. The WOM ACADEMY delivers training with the maximum level of hands-on experience possible for the respective product in addition to a comprehensive training program. 

Learning Success with a System

All participants in our training courses systematically learn about the design and all the functions of our devices. The course gives a detailed insight into the technology and the operating environment. You learn more about the spare parts concept of WOM as well as hardware and software modifications. When it comes to functional testing and failure analysis, practical skills directly with the device are needed.

Certificate and Internet Access

At the end of training, you confirm your acquired knowledge by passing a test. This test, same as the entire learning program, is tailored to the current safety requirements of the OR. The certification you receive at the end of training authorizes you to order spare parts and access our Internet platform as well. Here, you can take advantage of additional informational offers and receive software updates.

Do you have additional questions about our training courses? Are you interested in technical service training? If you wish to know more or make an appointment, simply send an e-mail to We will contact you ASAP.

Interview with Irina Lukashova

The Certified Trainer is active throughout the world

As hands-on as possible: This is the focus of our WOM ACADEMY. This can only work because we have a strong team of trainers with extensive specialist knowledge about minimally invasive procedures and products.

But why does anyone decide to become a trainer within the framework of the WOM ACADEMY, in addition to one’'s "main job"?

Irina: There are several reasons. The most important ones for me are excellent quality of the training and continuous training within the framework of the WOM ACADEMY, along with further professional development, and close cooperation in the professional environment with customers and colleagues alike.

And what does training for this job look like?
Irina: The trainee receives an individualized training program. The exact dates and the duration of each training session are agreed separately with the mentor and / or with the external trainers. Of course, all dates are adapted to the business calendar of the trainee so that his or her main job tasks are not affected. At the time of the training, a dry-run presentation is held, which is evaluated the same as a test.

How does this change your usual workday?
Irina: There are additional tasks and responsibilities that are to be integrated into one’'s own job, but that is all feasible and only a question of organization. In addition, the team colleagues of the WOM ACADEMY constantly receive technical support and advisement advice on the planning, scheduling, task division, etc.

What tasks does your activity as a trainer include?
My main tasks are to create the training material and bring it up to date, prepare and conduct the internal and external training, and asking for feedback from clients and colleagues and incorporate this throughout the entire WOM ACADEMY process.

And why is this so much fun?

Irina: Yes, it really is great fun! Starting with the training, which includes not only the technical knowledge but also presentation techniques, didactic approaches, the right gestures, and much more. Working as a trainer requires continuous further education, objective self-assessment, a willingness to communicate, and a willingness to face new challenges. The collaboration and exchange of knowledge with the WOM ACADEMY team, the feedback from customers and colleagues, these are all enjoyable tasks that produce a creative work atmosphere and a good mood.


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