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Making a good Impression: Tips for Job Applications

A good application opens the door to your dream job. It is a bit like a business card: It leaves behind an important first impression. The more convincing it is, the better. For some, it is not so easy to summarize everything important about themselves. We have compiled the most important tips to make this task easier.

Before you get started

Companies are interested in you. This requires knowing your qualifications first. So take your time preparing your application and do not sent it until you are completely satisfied with the way it looks. Ask yourself the question: "Would I employ this person if I were the head of HR?" Therefore, show us why you should work with us.

What does the optimal Application look like?

Your application should include a cover letter, a CV/resumé, a current transcript, work and school reports as well as your college or university enrollment or matriculation certificate. For an internship, apply at least three months in advance, add also the appropriate internship policy of your college. We will send you a receipt acknowledgment and tell you as soon as possible whether you have reached the next round.

Now you have our tips for an appealing application. We firmly keep our fingers crossed and wish you much success!