Interview with Irina Lukashova

The Certified Trainer is active throughout the world

As hands-on as possible: This is the focus of our WOM ACADEMY. This can only work because we have a strong team of trainers with extensive specialist knowledge about minimally invasive procedures and products.

But why does anyone decide to become a trainer within the framework of the WOM ACADEMY, in addition to one's "main job"?

Irina: There are several reasons. The most important ones for me are excellent quality of the training and continuous training within the framework of the WOM ACADEMY, along with further professional development, and close cooperation in the professional environment with customers and colleagues alike.

And what does training for this job look like?

Irina: The trainee receives an individualized training program. The exact dates and the duration of each training session are agreed separately with the mentor and / or with the external trainers. Of course, all dates are adapted to the business calendar of the trainee so that his or her main job tasks are not affected. At the time of the training, a dry-run presentation is held, which is evaluated the same as a test.

How does this change your usual workday?

Irina: There are additional tasks and responsibilities that are to be integrated into one’'s own job, but that is all feasible and only a question of organization. In addition, the team colleagues of the WOM ACADEMY constantly receive technical support and advisement advice on the planning, scheduling, task division, etc.

What tasks does your activity as a trainer include?

Irina: My main tasks are to create the training material and bring it up to date, prepare and conduct the internal and external training, and asking for feedback from clients and colleagues and incorporate this throughout the entire WOM ACADEMY process.

And why is this so much fun?

Irina: Yes, it really is great fun! Starting with the training, which includes not only the technical knowledge but also presentation techniques, didactic approaches, the right gestures, and much more. Working as a trainer requires continuous further education, objective self-assessment, a willingness to communicate, and a willingness to face new challenges. The collaboration and exchange of knowledge with the WOM ACADEMY team, the feedback from customers and colleagues, these are all enjoyable tasks that produce a creative work atmosphere and a good mood.