Perfectly coordinated: Our original Accessories

The patient's health is the top priority in the surgical field. This is especially true for the use of sterile equipment. This includes all tube sets that are connected to Insufflators or Pumps and the patient. Filters at the patient output of the devices are critical to protect Insufflators against fluids and germs. Once contaminated, the devices can no longer be used with other patients. Our all-in-one tube systems together with the appropriate filters provide maximum safety.

Innovations from Practice for Practice

  • Together with doctors and professionals, we constantly improve our accessories
  • Tubing with an integrated heating element was developed to heat the medical CO2 as well as systems that deliver humidified gas to the patient – a marketable new feature especially in demand in the U.S.
  • These features are available in our latest generation of Insufflators
  • All tubing systems are developed by our specialist teams, manufactured in our own cleanroom, and carefully packaged
  • WOM produces both disposable tube sets, primarily for North America, as well as reusable versions for the European market

Filters to protect Humans and Technology

  • Pump systems by WOM are used in Minimally Invasive Surgery just as much as Insufflators to make surgical procedures possible by creating the proper pressure conditions in the body of the patient
  • The continuous and uninterrupted flow of gas or fluid through tubes is an important requirement
  • Our advanced filters ensure that any hazardous residue is efficiently contained
  • We play it extra safe with highly developed and sophisticated cleaning systems when extracting surgical smoke, for example, when cauterizing veins in the body

Original accessories from WOM – hospitals, surgeons, and patients can rely on us when it comes to safe accessories in Minimally Invasive Medicine.