History of Success – our Milestones

WOM Group and its employees proudly look back at more than 40 years of success. From the outset, company founder Peter P. Wiest and his management colleagues followed the principle of acting sustainably and to be a driving force in the industry. WOM presents itself as a leader in Minimally Invasive Surgery as well as a competent OEM partner.


  • The worlds first hysteroscopy Insufflator was developed by WOM founder, Peter P. Wiest
  • The first model was produced on the kitchen table of his student apartment and will later allow expanding the uterus during treatments


  • Peter P. Wiest and Hubert Fuchs founded the company Wiest + Fuchs
  • The first offices of the young company were located in Berlin's Kreuzberg district, near Potsdamer Platz


  • The company concentrated on the field of arthroscopy, focusing on diagnostic and therapeutic treatment of knee joints


  • Entry into the laparoscopy market
  • WOM develops the world's first electronic Laparoflator for abdominal treatments


  • WOM opens its production site in Ludwigsstadt, Bavaria, employing 70 highly-skilled employees
  • The investment of around 10 million deutsche marks also provided a training and education center


  • The world's first Insufflator with 40 l/min. is launched on the market
  • Until then, the maximum flow rate was only 16 liters per minute


  • WOM opens its first overseas office in Orlando, Florida, USA
  • This is the company's response to the growing demand in the North American market


  • Launch of the HYS-SURGIMAT®
  • WOM underlines its now world-leading position in the field of hysteroscopy for treatments in uterine space by launching a new irrigation Pump with fluid balancing 


  • WOM develops special software for the Insufflator model F100 specifically used for pediatric Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • This allows for successful procedures on premature babies


  • The first autoclavable 3-chip Medical-HD® Camera is available on the market
  • This is WOM's response to the growing market of endoscopic Cameras


  • WOM develops a new unique generation of Insufflators for Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • The AirSeal® iFS Intelligent Flow System (AirSeal® is a registered trademark of CONMED)


  • With the opening of its Hong Kong office, WOM established a presence in Asia
  • This facilitates better customer support in this region


  • A new cleanroom production building was completed in Ludwigsstadt
  • Thus, the company set new standards in the manufacture of accessories and tubing components


  • Successful launch of a Multi-indication Pump usable with arthroscopies, hysteroscopies, and laparoscopies


  • WOM markets a 50L Insufflator with modes of operation that allow procedures on newborns as well as a focus on bariatric surgery
  • Moreover, it supports endoscopic vessel harvesting
  • Launch of a small ARTHRO Pump with high performance
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