Successfully transferring Knowledge – WOM ACADEMY

Worldwide Training for Customers and Employees.

WOM considers customer satisfaction a primary goal and main focus of the company. This includes providing customers with all product-specific information that they need. At the WOM ACADEMY, we teach you what you need to know. Our offer is especially for professionals from the fields of marketing and product management. We also train service technicians who want to become familiar with our innovations for Minimally Invasive Medicine and want to know all of the important information concerning maintenance and repairs. Not least, our employees benefit from internal, multimedia training from the WOM ACADEMY.

Individually and competently

Our training courses are individually tailored to your personal needs. Participants learn pertinent skills and information from our experienced trainers in a relaxed learning atmosphere. Our training courses range from basic knowledge to hands-on clinical application of our technology with the ADVANCED PLUS level. We convey knowledge that results in the certification as a qualified service technician – including exam and certificate – using targeted learning modules. 

Extensive Materials included

Of course, we provide you with a comprehensive package of materials that deepen and complement all the important contents of the training. The materials associated with the training documentation for the respective product also include information on clinical trials and important literature sources. As a marketing or product manager, you will also receive an overview of the direct comparison with other vendors and insightful market research and analyses information.

WOM ACADEMY comes to you

We offer product courses and training sessions for technical service​​​​​​​. All events and modules are adapted to your needs in terms of time and materials. Our training courses are structured methodically and didactically. We offer our modules in several languages, including German, English, Chinese, and Spanish. You may attend the WOM ACADEMY in one of our international locations in Berlin, Ludwigsstadt, Orlando, or Hong Kong, or our team of trainers can go to your location of choice, including your company.

Do you have questions about the training offered by the WOM ACADEMY or wish to schedule individual training with us? We are happy to advise you. Just send an e-mail with a callback request to