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Career Start for Skilled Professionals

Everything you need to know at a Glance

You have completed your studies or have been working for some time. You are now ready for new challenges – consider medical technology. As an internationally active company, WOM is looking for dedicated professionals like you. We offer interesting opportunities for new entrants to the job market as well as experienced professionals – we reward performance and would be pleased to welcome you to our exceptional team.

Entry-level now and a successful Career later – Welcome to WOM

You have finished your degree or training. The next step: an attractive position in a company that challenges and advances you. Consider a growing industry such as medical technology. If you want a company that offers you a job with elbowroom and with sufficient responsibility; A company offering you lots of extras; And a team of reliable colleagues at your side to enjoy working with and to celebrate successes – Then come to WOM. We look forward to receiving your application.

Accepting Challenges

Once you graduated from college or finish training, you are at a very special point in your professional life. With your first permanent job, you lay the groundwork for your future career. Start at a world market leader in minimally invasive medicine, one of the innovation leaders in medical technology. At our locations in Berlin, Ludwigsstadt and Reichenbach, Orlando and Hong Kong, we are packed to the rafters with knowhow. You should get to know us if you have big things planned for the future.

Common Start

If you are a committed team player then you already know that: together, we solve the most exciting problems. You can look forward to having a place at WOM right from the beginning. Being part of a special team is sure to feel good. We provide a personal mentor for you for the first few weeks who will make it easier for you to get started. You also have every opportunity to participate in further training and continuous education with us and to plan your career together with us.

Welcome to the world of WOM. Your first step is a complete online application, where you share with us your professional ideas, experiences, and wishes. Why not have a look at our job openings right now? This is even quicker with an unsolicited application. We are excited to meet you.

Our Future is looking up. Yours is too.

If you are looking for new perspectives, then take the next successful step in your career – come to WOM. As an innovation and world market leader in minimally invasive medicine, we open up new perspectives in one of the most important growing markets - medical technology. Enjoy many advantages and benefits associated with your new job, for example, the company pension. We also offer many working time models according to your needs. In particular, a dedicated international team welcomes you to the team.

Ready for Responsibility

You have achieved a lot in your career. After the first successful years, it is now time for a career change to a field with a bright future in medical technology. Keep moving and find new opportunities and challenges with us. WOM is a global pioneer and leading OEM manufacturer in the field of minimally invasive surgery. We have achieved so much after 40 years and will continue to grow. That should suit you well.

Welcome to an international Team

We are expanding in one of the most promising markets, medical technology, and are already represented on three continents, with offices in Berlin, Ludwigsstadt and Reichenbach, Orlando and Hong Kong. What makes us even more interesting is our extraordinary team with their contagious team spirit. We stand for reliability and a distinctive quality and we maintain these values as part of our vibrant corporate culture, and above all respect and appreciation.

With All-Inclusive Package

We are looking for people like you who are dedicated and motivated and in return, you will be rewarded. WOM offers you a whole range of special benefits. This starts with a wide range of working time models, includes an optimal company pension plan and an attractive profit sharing scheme as well as comprehensive health care, and tailor-made training and continuous education. Your personal contact will be happy to provide you with answers for detailed questions about our special benefits.

Give your career the boost in needs! Together, we can further promote your personal and professional development and specifically put your strengths to the forefront. Discover new spheres of influence and our unusually creative and relaxed working atmosphere. See for yourself – for example, in a personal interview. We are looking forward to your application or your feedback on one of our job vacancies.

Your Contact Person

Jörg R. Baffy-Schättler

Vice President Human Resources

Salzufer 8 | 10587 Berlin

Phone+49 30 39981-550
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Barbara Schöffel

Vice President Human Resources

Alte Poststraße 11 | 96337 Ludwigsstadt

Phone+49 9263 877-150
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Aylin Perry

Head of HR & Facilities Management Orlando

4531 36th Street | Orlando, FL 32811-6527

Phone+1 407 438-8810
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