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Career Entry for School Students

Everything you need to know

You are soon done with school. Perhaps you wonder what comes after that. At WOM, a whole world  is waiting to be discovered by you in medical technology. Come join us and give our internship a try. Whether tinkerer, organizer or explorer – we have something for every type. Or you start directly with a training program, as part of a great team on three continents.

Your Apprenticeship in the Field of Medical Technology – start now

A training opportunity in medical technology is waiting for you. Apply at WOM now, an internationally expanding company in a growing industry. In addition to many job prospects, we also offer a great environment and true team spirit. Secure your new position now!

We appreciate people like you, who do their work with joy and enthusiasm and want to get ahead with a career in medical technology. At our training location in Berlin, and the town of Ludwigsstadt in the District of Kronach, you can expect to find a great working environment in an internationally focused company. Welcome!

Offer for Team Players

It's easier to get ahead together than alone – this also applies to new entrants to the work force. Therefore, we find teamwork especially important, particularly during training. After an eventful starting phase, where you will experience a lot, you will have the opportunity to test yourself. A digital trainee handbook provides a quick overview of the job. In our training workshop, you can freely develop your talents. Joint excursions, group days and many team actions provide a great working environment, and create mutual appreciation and respect. And  group participation in social projects strengthen the team spirit.

Something for Everyone

At WOM, you will find the job of your dreams! We offer the best training for many types of professions. You can start out with us and train for a business or technical job. We offer apprenticeships in the following career fields:

  • Electronics Technician
  • IT Specialist
  • Warehouse Specialist
  • Production Mechanic
  • Industrial Clerk
  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Office Managers/Clerks
  • Mechatronics Technicians/Engineers
  • Process Mechanics/Engineers

Special Reward

Good training pays several times over with us, especially in Ludwigsstadt. Because in addition to the best training conditions and promising prospects for the future – a car awaits you. We reward the most successful trainee in every second year of training: You can drive a VW up! for free for one year – gas and insurance included!

Cool: A Job with the World Market Leader

WOM is a pioneer and the world's leading manufacturer in the field of Minimally Invasive Medicine. And more than 500 talented professionals from 20 countries already work for us on three continents. You can be one of them soon. Our competent trainers assist you with help and advice and take extra time to meet your needs. We place great emphasis on exchange, which means all trainees from Ludwigsstadt will be working in the capital Berlin for two weeks.

Don't wait – apply now

All you have to do now: Fill out our online application. In our portal you can find a slew of useful tips - have a look. We are looking forward to learn more about you and may soon be able to welcome you as a new trainee at WOM in Upper Franconia or Berlin.

Challenge yourself – with an Internship at WOM

Do you want to have a glimpse of your future? At WOM, a whole new universe is waiting for you – the (professional) world of medical technology awaits you. We are pioneers and worldwide leader in minimally invasive medicine with headquarters in Berlin. At the production site of Ludwigsstadt, we use modern production processes to produce quality devices for gentle surgeries. Does that sound exciting? Then sign up for an internship with us and get to know us. We look forward to meeting you!

Curious? Contact us

Although a lot is happening on campus, the right career is only found beyond the university. If you want to experience real working life, we have an offer for you: Come to WOM as a student intern! You can look forward to an exciting time and there's so much to discover that you will never feel bored. You can come to us as part of a school or voluntary internship, for example, during the school vacations.

The Choice is yours

Medical technology really has something for everyone. You can try out a great many jobs with us and do what is right for you. If you're more the technical type and you are interested in physical processes, you should definitely get to know our commercial technical area. And if you're the handy organizer, you certainly will like our logistics department. You will have exposure to everything our occupations require in formal training such as: electronics, production mechanics, mechatronics, machining, and more. And show you why good spatial imagination might come in handy. For tinkerers and researchers, a look at our development department is probably well worth it, too. If you are the planner type, you could perhaps support our marketing or management. All computer professionals can benefit from an internship in the IT area.

We are here for you

There are not only great internship opportunities at our locations in Berlin and Ludwigsstadt in Upper Franconia. We have really nice people who like to explain their work and give you plenty of time and space to experiment. And they will gladly answer your questions, because we at WOM think it's important that you have fun with us, expand your knowledge, and discover your strengths and opportunities. Our friendly and knowledgeable employees will help you with a final evaluation meeting. Chances are, you may even start thinking about training with us.

Curious? Then why not talk with your parents or your teacher about this? If you want to know more about us or the internships, call us or write us an email. And if you are interested in finding out how later a really good application should be put together, we have compiled some tips for you, too. Wouldn't it be great if we were to meet soon?

Making a good Impression: Tips for Job Applications

A good application opens the door to your dream job. It is a bit like a business card: It leaves behind an important first impression. The more convincing it is, the better. For some, it is not so easy to summarize everything important about themselves. We have compiled the most important tips to make this task easier.

Important Questions for Students and Trainees

When, how – and then?

It is best to apply a year in advance for a training or apprenticeship position, even better if you apply before the summer vacation. You simply submit the summer school report to us later. You send the application by regular mail or online – whichever you prefer. You then get an appointment for a personal meeting so we can get to know you and an appointment for a placement test. After the evaluation, we will get back to you with the results.

What is a good written Application?

Crumpled pages, stains on the paper or spelling errors are not so great when your application comes by mail. Just imagine that the application is your business card.  If you make an effort, it will be worth it in the long run and provide you with the best chance of getting the job.

What Documents do you need?

Send a cover letter and your CV, please without errors, and addressed to the right person. Also, your last two certificates or school reports are important for us. If you have other certificates from schools or internships, add them. That makes a good impression with us as well.

WOM at the Kronach Training Fair 2017

  • WOM is not only an attractive employer. It is also an attractive training organization
  • We offer training in nine professions, from commercial to technical-commercial
  • At the Kronach Training Fair 2017, we presented ourselves to interested young people and received a great response

WOM Trainee Day 2017 in Ludwigsstadt

  • With an attractive mix of a company tour and a colorful Oktoberfest, WOM presented itself to potential trainees and their parents

Arbeiten bei WOM | Tamara stellt ihre kaufmännische Ausbildung vor

  • In diesem Video erzählt euch Tamara, was ihr an ihrer Ausbildung zur Industriekauffrau bei WOM besonders gefällt.

Arbeiten bei WOM | Lukas stellt die Ausbildung zum Fertigungsmechaniker vor

  • In diesem Video zeigt euch Lukas, was ihm an seiner Ausbildung zum Fertigungsmechaniker besonders gefällt.

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