Always here for you – our Technical Service

Our Services on three Continents.

With a WOM product, our OEM customers acquire reliable quality "made in Germany". Furthermore, our technical service team is at your disposal for the maintenance, repair, calibration, and order fulfillment of original spare parts. And we are here for you at four locations for warranty extensions and any questions you may have.

RMA Application for Product Returns

Before shipping, decontaminate device and accessories in order to protect the service personnel. Confirm on the delivery documents the successful decontamination.

If this is not possible, the product must be
  • sealed in two separate protective layers of foil,
  • and clearly marked as contaminated on the delivery documents and on the package.
  • The manufacturer has the right to reject contaminated products for repair.
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Unique Device Identification (UDI)

  • In order to provide an outstanding support for our customers WOM has set up a UDI Task Force
  • Our interdisciplinary team – consisting of our experts from R&D, Global Sales, Product Management, Regulatory Affairs, Supply Chain Management and ERP Consulting – is engaged in the implementation of UDI requirements
  • Please find the project phases and status in this document
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