Welcome to the Team: Careers at WOM

Optimizing your Development.

At WOM, you work as part of an exceptional international team. This includes creating the right setting together with you, so you can develop freely with us. In addition to financial benefits and various working time models, we also offer active healthcare options and a wide range of training opportunities.

Good Job – our attractive additional Benefits

We know: We owe our growth and our strength above all to our employees. As a WOM employee, you therefore benefit from a transparent, efficient and competitive remuneration system. In addition, we include you every year in the company's success and provide you with a number of other attractive benefits – including a company pension. Because respect and recognition should be the reward of hard work.

Regular Profit-Sharing

WOM currently involves all employees in the company's success.

Company Pension/Post-Employment Benefits

The statutory company pension scheme will no longer be sufficient for many people in the future. Therefore, we have been offering our employees an attractive benefit and pension package for more than ten years now. On the one hand, our employees currently can participate in the company pension scheme. On the other, they also benefit from the advantages of a group benevolent fund, among others. WOM makes annual contributions to this fund, for example, after five years of employment with WOM. To improve your pension, part of your gross income can be converted to a tax-free payment to a retirement fund. WOM even makes an attractive employer contribution.

Subsidies for Child Care and Relocation

It is a true challenge to reconcile family and work. We support our employees in Berlin as well as in Ludwigsstadt and Reichenbach by contributing to the costs for kindergarten or preschool. This means you can plan your job better.

If employees must move because of us, we also participate in the cost. This applies to new entrants as well as for a change within the WOM group. We pay employees a subsidy if their move is required by the company. To learn more about the exact amount and the topic in general, contact the HR department.

Always hydrate: free Beverages

We provide our employees with free coffee, tea and water across all locations. Because productive work requires sufficient hydration, especially during the summer months. After all, nothing is ultimately more valuable than your health.

Professional and Personal Life in Harmony

WOM actively supports the needs of its employees during the different stages of life so that both sides benefit: Flexibility and support with teamwork are a top priority for us. The employees working at our company are dedicated and motivated, and they are able to balance their professional life in medical technology very well with their personal interests.

Flexible Working Hours and Floating Days

We offer a variety of different working time models so you can optimize your time beyond your job as well. We are certain we can find the right solution for you, too. This includes that you can arrange to take up to twelve floating days per year.

Home Office

If your future activities and the working environment permit, we can offer home-office days in coordination consultation with your supervisor. Of course, we will provide the necessary technology for mobile or remote work.


You can apply for a sabbatical after five years. We determine time, duration and precise conditions together with you and your team.

Participation in nonprofit or social projects (VTO)

Local charitable commitment is important to us. We therefore promote the social activities of our employees with up to two days of special leave per year.

Advice in the Event of a Crisis or Emergency

We offer you support in difficult situations and in times of crisis. At the locations of Ludwigsstadt and Reichenbach, we are a member of the "quality of life for generations" support network. Our employees can contact the support network and receive free, unbureaucratic and, of course anonymous, advice when the balance between work and private life falters. For our employees in Berlin, the renowned Fürstenberg Institute is there to help also free of charge. It is your point of contact for personal, family or health issues. For this purpose, you and your closest family members can take advantage of discrete and confidential individual meetings.

Family Day at WOM

A day together with your loved ones is a welcome change for all. Our Family Day offers the opportunity to learn more about your workplace as part of an informal event and get to know WOM better. In addition to lots of surprises, there is a program organized by colleagues.

Whether you are expecting, taking care of a family member, preparing for retirement, or simply need more time for yourself: Together with you, we will find optimal solutions for a harmonized work-life balance. 

WOM cares. For you and your Health

If you are healthy, you feel motivated. That applies to work as well.  As a conscientious employer in the field of medical technology, we are doing everything possible to take care of the health of our employees. We have a wide range of health related events and programs for our employees ranging from exams by the company doctor, prevention, individual workplace ergonomics to relaxing massages on site to sports and fitness after office hours.

Thinking of tomorrow – Prevention and Vaccinations

At WOM, human resources, company physicians and occupational safety go hand in hand to preserve and even improve the health of our team. We offer our employees regular checkups and flu shots, among others. Employees traveling abroad on business are provided with a first aid kit, if desired, and a travel consultation when visiting areas known for health risks. Action days, workshops, annual interactive health days and an online portal for health issues complete the prevention and screening offers.

Individual Ergonomics

We want maximum industrial safety for our employees. Safe production facilities in the medical technology sector and ergonomically optimized workplaces are a must for us. Height-adjustable work desks are as important as optimally adjusted monitors and chairs. We also participate in the cost of a pair of computer glasses, if you need them. These have been developed specially for work on the PC.

Mobile and ambulant Offers

Once a month, you have the opportunity to take advantage of our mobile massages. Experienced physiotherapists come to us at WOM. In addition, there are regular courses for back exercises and relaxation techniques. And because we want to stand by your side in professional and personal crises as well, the Berlin Fürstenberg Institute and the Ludwigsstadt "Life Quality for Generations" support networks are available to help you when needed.

Always on the Move – our Sports Events

Physical activity keeps you fit – and it is even more fun with others. Be a part of the team! Our employee teams have been quite successful during corporate relay events, soccer tournaments and cycling races where  we are excited to celebrate successes. Also, our WOM group soccer tournaments are always fun events. In Berlin, a running club meets once a week – a good opportunity to get to know one another better after office hours.

We want you to live your professional and private life to the fullest when you join our team. This benefits you as well as us. We support you with preventative health and offers for an active, sustainable health management.

Learning on the Job – advanced Training at WOM

Professional advanced training and education are the driving force behind the development of a company. WOM supports you with a wide range of offers to consistently expand your professional, technical and management knowledge. The programs of the WOM ACADEMY as well as our mentor program for all new employees contribute to this endeavor.

Especially in medical technology, it is important to steadily increase one's own innovativeness. WOM thus consistently promotes the personal and professional development of its employees. Further professional  training and education also strengthens the company's next generation of employees – and maybe even inspires them to assume more responsibility as part of an exceptional team. Learning on the job starts from the first day at work. We would like to help you if you start a career with us.

Mentors are there for you

Mentors are part of our corporate culture and are here to help you get started at WOM. They are usually experienced colleagues who know the company well and can accompany you and show you everything that is important. They are also available in case you have questions about your new position. In short: Your contact person makes sure you have a great learning experience during your orientation in the first few weeks with WOM.

Easy Start thanks to the WOM ACADEMY

As a new WOM employee, you also will have the opportunity to quickly become acquainted with your new company, your department, and the work of your colleagues, through the WOM ACADEMY. Training materials and e-learning tools make an efficient mix.  Mission-critical topics such as compliance, quality management, and product safety are also presented to you. Our experienced employees teach you and the product areas through certified master trainers in our WOM ACADEMY. More information about the WOM ACADEMY is right here.

Precisely coordinated educational Offers

After your orientation period, we rely on diverse education and course offerings. This provides you with many opportunities to expand your professional and leadership knowledge. Whether educational programs to start your career, team development measures, or for management qualifications — our human resources department coordinates  with you according to your needs. We encourage our employees at our locations in Berlin, Ludwigsstadt and Reichenbach, Orlando as well as Hong Kong to take advantage of our targeted training measures. We also support you for the long term in comprehensive training outside of the company. While working at WOM, you can pursue a bachelor's or master's degree or take corresponding courses as budding engineers as well as supervisor training courses.

Think tank, thanks to Idea Management

To expand one's knowledge, and also to share and exchange this knowledge responsibly, is the concept behind idea management. It currently works like a communication platform on the Internet. You can post and discuss new ideas with colleagues on the online think tank  until your idea may reach product maturity. The commitment is worthwhile, because we regularly pay for marketable innovations coming from the ranks of our employees.

WOM supports you as a new employee in your professional training and development with many targeted and varied ways so you always can be one step ahead of requirements. At the same time, you qualify for activities requiring additional qualifications. Your contacts in human resources will gladly provide you with more information. 

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