Our excellent partners

WOM relies on constant communication with recognized and renowned clinics for product innovations

Maximum safety through practical relevance – this is a recipe for success at WOM when it comes to the latest technologies and products. We have been working together with the best clinics and their surgical teams for decades. They all combine the highest surgical demands with innovative procedures and outstanding device technology.

Above all, patients benefit from the advice of the technical experts following minimally invasive procedures. The findings from the operating room contribute to continuous improvements. In 2018 alone, five new devices were validated in 1,573 procedures. We received important feedback from 24 surgeons from eight clinics. This information help us decisively with their work each day in thinking ahead and developing medical technology. In short: They provide insights from medicine for medicine.

We would like to recognize this achievement more in the future and have named three of our Berlin partners WOM Excellence Centers. Vivantes Humboldt-Klinikum is now an Excellence Center in the field of laparoscopy, Vivantes Klinikum Neukölln has become an excellent partner for hysteroscopy, and Westklinik Dahlem is being recognized for excellence in arthroscopy. All three clinics provide the best results and maximum patient safety – for example, when using optimized insufflators or pumping systems. And they are all paving the way for tomorrow’s technology for use in surgeries around the world.