We have found our dream job

at WOM.

True dream jobs at WOM

Anyone who wants to break new ground professionally and is looking for a meaningful, varied job in a friendly team, has several advantages as a cleanroom employee at WOM.

Clean work

We work to make patients recover faster. This also applies to our employees in the cleanroom. This is where medical technology products such as tube systems are manufactured and packaged under controlled conditions. With their clean work, our employees ensure maximum safety. Instead of fashionable outfits and make-up, overalls and a hood are worn by everyone. However, gloves or masks are not necessary. Instead of assembly line or chord speed, we count on hygiene, reliability, and manual dexterity.

Good working atmosphere and guaranteed variety

Working in the cleanroom requires team spirit. Because there are always teams of two working together. Every day different tasks, products, and team partners await your input, in production or packaging, or in the work organization - the cleanroom employees come from all of our workgroups. They know all the work processes, appreciate and trust each other. And they never quit learning.

Newcomers and career changers are especially welcome

If you want to improve your life, would like to change your career focus, or if you would like to get back to work after a long break, then this is the right place for you. Even without a degree. Work in the cleanroom requires only quality awareness, reliability, concentration, and a certain manual skill. Another plus: As a newcomer, you usually handle the well-structured induction phase quite quickly. In addition, many helpful colleagues will assist you in becoming familiar with our workflows. Cohesion and solidarity are also very important to us.

Your way to the dream job

WOM offers you an exciting job in a global corporation. We are pleased to invite you to a personal interview to answer your questions. Send us your application for Ludwigsstadt or for Reichenbach in advance by regular mail or conveniently online. We're looking forward to meeting you!