Career and Studies – both is

possible at WOM.

Get a Taste of a real Work Life – as a Working Student at WOM

Student at the Monitor

You do not have to wait until your graduation to finally start your professional life. Come to WOM as a working student and develop exciting medical projects in Berlin or Ludwigsstadt – training on the job, so to speak. A series of professional career fields and company departments in research & development, global marketing and quality management provide you with the best perspectives for your future. Professional success is after all not a science. Apply now!

A Profession instead of Casual Work

Student Trainees in Conversation

Gain practical experience in one of the currently most exciting and fastest growing industries – medical technology. Build your career on an industry with a bright future. As a working student, you also have the opportunity to define your professional goals in more detail during your course of studies and distinguish yourself as a future skilled employee prior to the completion of your studies. Above all, you will meet an extraordinary team that greatly values respect and recognition of good performance. In addition, it would be great to find new enthusiasts for the football team and the running club.

Part Time or Full Time

We offer a flexible work life, just as you like or need it. For example, you may work 20 hours per week during the semester on a part-time basis. Alternatively, we can employ you full time over the semester break for several weeks or months. You also select the starting date as it fits with your studies or semester planning. Simply discuss details with your contact in the HR Department.

Welcome to the Team

Early entry into practice has other advantages as well. WOM is a growing company in an exciting industry and is active on a global scale. With us, you have the chance to make professional contacts for the future beyond the walls of your university. Pave the path to a career in medical technology – establish the cornerstone of your very own, maybe even international, network.

The following Areas are open to you as a Working Student

  • Research & Development
    • Software Development
    • Accessory Development
    • Design
    • Technical Writing
  • Quality Management
    • Quality Assurance
  • Marketing
    • Graphic Design
    • Internet/Intranet
    • Communication

Take advantage of a work studies program – broaden your theoretical and practical horizon and apply your knowledge of economics or technology with us in a practical manner. Alternatively, we also offer student internships and the possibility of a guided thesis. Do you have questions? Then your direct contact is ready to help you. See our vacancies for available opportunities. We look forward to receiving your resumé or application!