Career and Studies – both is

possible at WOM.

Worth twice as much: Dual Studies at WOM

Dual Studies at WOM

You want to study but feel practical work experience is important too? Then a dual study program at WOM is the right choice for you! Combine theoretical input with real implementation, work independently, and learn what true team spirit is like as a full member of a dedicated and energized team. As a future student, you will alternate practical experience with college studies – and benefit from a fixed compensation from the first day. Practical, is it not?

Business Administration or Medical Technology

With a dual course of studies, you learn the entire time but actually spend only half your time at the university. Always alternating, you use fixed times at a selected college to earn a bachelor's in business administration (BA) or medical technology while working for us with flexible hours. This offers you not only the right mix of theory and practice, but links your academic education with a job in one of the world's leading medical technology companies.

A Paycheck from Day One

Another advantage: From the outset, you earn your own money. You will be paid for learning, so to speak! It does not matter if you are currently in a theoretical or practical training phase. We support you from the outset and purposefully support talented students. From the beginning, you are a full member of the team at WOM and will work across multiple locations as well. Whether Berlin, Reichenbach or Ludwigsstadt or perhaps even Orlando or Hong Kong – you can implement independently what you have learned in theory and always have a competent partner at your side. After graduation, the very best career opportunities are available to you with us.

Strong College Partner

WOM works closely with some excellent colleges and universities. We cooperate in the fields of business administration and medicine technology. As undergraduate students in Berlin, you are enrolled in three and a half years at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. The medical technicians among you study three years at the Beuth University of Applied Science. At the Duale Hochschule Gera-Eisenach (DHGE) – University of Cooperative Education – your normal time for a BA is only three years. You will find optimum learning conditions with lectures in small groups and direct contact with the teaching staff at all of these universities.

With the dual studies program, you benefit from both hands-on work in your field and earn a degree. Lay the foundation for your career in health care and still remain flexible. We look forward to receiving your online resumé or application and getting to know you. Your contact will be happy to tell you more about the details and the universities.