Good Job – our attractive additional Benefits

We know: We owe our growth and our strength above all to our employees. As a WOM employee, you therefore benefit from a transparent, efficient and competitive remuneration system. In addition, we include you every year in the company's success and provide you with a number of other attractive benefits – including a company pension. Because respect and recognition should be the reward of hard work.

Regular Profit-Sharing

WOM currently involves all employees in the company's success.

Company Pension/Post-Employment Benefits

The statutory company pension scheme will no longer be sufficient for many people in the future. Therefore, we have been offering our employees an attractive benefit and pension package for more than ten years now. On the one hand, our employees currently can participate in the company pension scheme. On the other, they also benefit from the advantages of a group benevolent fund, among others. WOM makes annual contributions to this fund, for example, after five years of employment with WOM. To improve your pension, part of your gross income can be converted to a tax-free payment to a retirement fund. WOM even makes an attractive employer contribution.

Subsidies for Child Care and Relocation

It is a true challenge to reconcile family and work. We support our employees in Berlin as well as in Ludwigsstadt and Reichenbach by contributing to the costs for kindergarten or preschool. This means you can plan your job better.

If employees must move because of us, we also participate in the cost. This applies to new entrants as well as for a change within the WOM group. We pay employees a subsidy if their move is required by the company. To learn more about the exact amount and the topic in general, contact the HR department.

Always hydrate: free Beverages

We provide our employees with free coffee, tea and water across all locations. Because productive work requires sufficient hydration, especially during the summer months. After all, nothing is ultimately more valuable than your health.

Life and Work

Professional and Personal Life in Harmony

WOM actively supports the needs of its employees during the different stages of life so that both sides benefit: Flexibility and support with teamwork are a top priority for us.

Health and Welfare

WOM cares. For you and your Health

If you are healthy, you feel motivated.


Learning on the Job – advanced Training at WOM

Professional advanced training and education are the driving force behind the development of a company.